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Texas, United States

Posted August 5, 2014

We got Gizmo from a friend. Her dog is the father & her neighbor's dog is the mother. Apparently the neighbor didn't want the puppies and the mother dog abandoned the puppies at 2 weeks old. My friend found the puppies whining and raised them until 5 weeks old. She went on vacation for the 4th of July and had to sell or give the puppies away before they left on vacation or she would have to surrender them to the shelter. Gizmo was the last one left and we decided to adopt him instead of have him go to the shelter.

He is now 10 weeks old. My friend said he was the runt of the litter, but super sweet. He has now caught up on his weight and is growing well. He is adorable and is loving and sweet.

He does have the normal puppy issues, like chewing, but we are working on that and trying to get him to not chew on us and only chew on toys.
We are crate training him and he is doing wonderfully with that!! The first week we had him, we got up every few hours to let him out. Then, I think he just took the cue from our older dogs and he wouldn't bark to wake us up. We do have the puppy pads in his crate with him, and the first few weeks he would pee on the pad and go back to bed until we got up in the morning. However, this week he has stayed dry all night from about 10 PM - 5 AM. He has never had a bowel movement in his crate.
The first few weeks, he would pee on the floor about once a day during the day when he was out of the crate, but it was not excessive. The last week and a half, he hasn't had any "accidents" inside the house.

Our vet recommended a local puppy training class, especially because Gizmo was abandoned at 2 weeks and separated from his brothers & sisters at 5 weeks old. The class we signed up for is 4 weeks long. We have attended 2 of the classes so far. At the first class, the trainer said we might have to limit his time with our older dogs so he didn't attach to them more than he attaches to us. At the second class, she kind of chastised us for not limiting time with the older dogs because he was a little rough with the other puppies. However, we feel he has a good balance of time with us and with them, so we will just have to see how he is in the future. There are times when our Great Pyrenees/Shepherd gets a little rough and we will separate them and play with Gizmo separately for a while so they both calm down.

Since he is so young, we do not yet know how he is with small children (although he is fine with our 10 and 14 year old kids), or how he would be with small pets, or as a guard dog or watch dog.

We have just started going for walks with him in the neighborhood this week and he is getting used to the leash well. He is also learning fast as far as "sit" and "here" commands, as well as learning not to jump on us for greeting or attention. He loves chasing balls, and chewing on plastic bottles and ropes (or any toy). He also loves playing with my daughter with her Slinky - he chases her around trying to catch it!

We definitely have a long life ahead of us with him, but he is loving and kind and shaping up to be a wonderful addition to our family!

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