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Norfolk, United Kingdom

Posted August 25, 2010

I feel honoured and privileged to own and be loved by a Canaan Dog (Tiras). I don't beleive they give over their trust and respect to just anyone, it certainly has to be earned but when the relationship with your Canaan is developed it really is a special thing.
That said I definitely have a one Canaan rule! I have two other dogs of other breeds and am a firm believer in 'horses for courses'. Tiras is, as others have mentioned, the perfect house dog. he is sweet, kind, affectionate, loving , thoughtful and calm inside the house. He barks in a watchdog capacity but doesn't over do it. He loves to sit at the window and watch the world go by - as long as people keep on walking its fine with him, but if they loiter then he tells them in no uncertain terms that he is around!
He doesn't harrass me for walkies but when he goes out he will take as much or as little exercise as offered with grace. Now for the downside. These dogs are a natural breed and as such really haven't had much genetic distance from their wild cousins (still found in the wild in large numbers). Despite lots of socialisation and training in different disciplines he really still is a wild spirit, not a problem in itself but trying to fit into today's society it really does become a problem. He is wary of strangers (as the breed standard denotes) again not a bad thing in itself but can make the sudden appearance of joggers on his daily walk a very unpleasant event!!!! (particularly for the jogger!).
He becomes fearful of new incidences on his daily walk, he is fiercely territorial and gets very unhappy when a road cone for instance is placed where there was not a road cone the day before (in much the same manner as I understand horses would react). He freaks out at the site of push bikes, tricycles, motorbikes, shopping trolleys, cars with the engine idling, lorries being unloaded, carrier bags floating in the wind.....the list is endless but i think you get the picture. This is NOT a socialisation issue with my Canaan and my other breeds don't have the same issues. beleive me Tiras was socialised well as a puppy (everything from going to work with me, dog shows, ring craft, obedience puppy classes, etc etc)
I have trained him for showing - he still competes in the show ring but I can't say he enjoys it and is prone to hitting the deck in the ring when someone slams down their dog crate at ring side. He is very noise sensitive , oh and refuses to go if its windy!!!
His freaking out in public ranges from mild hysteria to full blown flight. He will either spin on the lead, chew the lead manically, jump up and grab hold of me with his paws around my waist, try to back up on the lead and get his back to something solid. or if given the chance he will run for the hills. Some have said this is due to me not being a stong enough pack leader but to be honest I don't see wild dogs running at the alpha when their scared - oh no! its every dog for himself and take to the hills!!!  If you want a dog to take out off lead on long relaxing walks then a Canaan would not be my first choice!
I also train Tiras for agility and although he enjoys going to the same training club each week and performing - if at a slow and steady rate, he is not for competition. the first time we tried him off-territory was a disaster - to be fair to him there was a carnival and fair ground rides going on in the background! He ran into the tunnel, lied down, and refused to be moved! I now train one of my other breeds and have started competing with her (as I said, horses for courses).
That said, I would not swap him for the world. He has a more developed relationship with me than my other dogs. I truly beleive that his affection for me is based on trust and respect - whereas with my Bull Terrier its based on the fact that I have a pulse - she really would be happy with anyone as long as they fed her and played with her!!! If you spend a lot of time in the house and preferably have an acre or two to exercise your dog in then the Canaan would be a perfect choice, If I lived like that I would have ten of them!!! But I don't, I have to exercise my dog in public places (albeit we live in a small village in the countryside). I have recently started training him for Canicross (running cross-country strapped to your dog on a bungee) and have high hopes, although its early days yet! He seems happier on the move!

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