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Bulldogs...cute faces but serious health issues.


Texas, United States

Posted January 30, 2013

Throughout my time working as a kennel attendant at an animal hospital and volunteering at various shelters, I have met quite a few bulldogs, both good and bad. I personally love the breed, but the brachycephaly and the slobber turn me off.


Very affectionate, loyal and playful dogs.
Good with children and other dogs.
They have the cutest face ever :)
They are good watchdogs.
They are okay dogs to have in apartments or homes with small yards because although they need exercise like every dog, it needs to be in moderation (due to brachycephaly) and they are more laid back.


Major health issues. These dogs are brachycephalic, which means that their nasal passage is shortened and their trachea is constricted. This is why bulldogs make so much snuffing and wheezing sounds when breathing. Because of this health issue with the breed, you must monitor their exercise and make sure they are not overheating.
They are also known for getting "cherry eye" which looks like a red bulge coming out of the bottom of the eye. This is because a gland in the third eyelid can often slip out of place and bulge. If left untreated, it can cause serious eye problems later in life.
They are prone to obesity, which can make the complications from their brachycephaly more dangerous.
They are often unable to give birth vaginally, and require C-sections (this is definitely an issue to consider if you're planning on breeding).
They slobber. everywhere. a LOT.
You must be sure to clean the folds of their face often because they can get yeast infections in them.
If not socialized and trained for obedience at an early age, they could become aggressive towards strangers and other dogs. These dogs are very attached to their families and can become dangerous for others if you don't socialize them properly. (At the kennel, I was once cornered by a very unsocialized and aggressive bulldog for about a half an hour before a co-worker came and helped me)

Ultimately, these dogs are very sweet and playful, but do have some serious health issues to consider. The average life expectancy of a bulldog is around half (7 yrs) of that of other dogs such as the Labrador. You will spend a considerably larger amount in vet bills when you buy this breed. Some veterinarians do not agree with continuing breeding the bulldog in this fashion because of all of the health issues that come with the breed.

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