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Colorado, United States

Posted January 7, 2009

I love my bulldog to death and wouldn't trade him for the world. However, I will not buy another bulldog when he passes.

First off, money. They are a very expensive breed to begin with. Then, even the well bread bulldogs still have a lot of medical issues, such as cherry eye, joint problems, birthing problems, and breathing problems. Mine hasn't had all these problems, just the cherry eye, and yeast infections around his tail. He's also been to the vet a few times for frequent diarrhea (not pleasent), he was actually pooping straight blood, scared me to death.

They are also high maintenance. The wrinkles around their faces have to be cleaned regularly because they can get .... gunky. Also if your bulldog is born with the traditional corkscrew tail, that has to be cleaned regularly because it can get yeast infections. With the corkscrew tail there is like a pocket in between his tail and body. They need to be brushed constantly to keep the shedding to a minimum.... hair everywhere.

They drool often. They are not like that dog from Turner & Hooch, who always has drool hanging out it's mouth, but on occaision, yeah, they drool. They are also very messy eaters and drinkers. Because of their big lower jaw they practically stick their whole head in the water bowl, so when they are done their whole mouth and neck is dripping wet. Puddles everywhere. They are very burpy and farty too, which is actually funny, I don't mind that part to much, makes me laugh.

I'm not sure if it's just my bulldog or not, but mine doesn't know how big he is. He grew up with dogs smaller than him so maybe thats why. Anyway, he will do things that he doesn't realize he's to big for. Like, when he gets excited he will just run into you, and he has knocked down several children. But this was NOT out of agression, he just doesn't know his own size. 

Temperment wise, bulldogs are the sweetest. They have patience for days and can put up with anything. They are very lazy and sleep a lot too. Mine gets pretty fiesty every now and then though, and wants to play.

They are also smart but stubborn. They will learn tricks but they will decide when they want to do them. Mine will only do tricks if I have a treat, LOL. He's so funny.

Well, I hope this helps out. They are a lot of work, a lot of money, but also a lot of fun.

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