Koty, Ishtar

Bull Terrier

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The English Bull Terrier -- the dog you'll love in spite of himself.


United States

Posted December 14, 2015

I raised two bull terriers, a male and a female, and I loved them both. They are an extremely energetic and playful breed -- I don't think they ever completely grow out of puppy-hood. They dogs I raised were very loving and friendly and never showed any aggression towards pets (however, I have known other bull terriers to be very aggressive towards pets -- mine were raised from puppies with cats, so that is probably the difference). The male dog loved everybody equally -- friends, strangers, other dogs, horses -- the female dog was mine through and through.

These are extremely powerful dogs -- unless you have owned this or a similar breed I don't think you can fully understand how physically strong and mentally determined (or stubborn, if you will) this breed is. For that reason I wouldn't recommend the breed around small children.

This dog is a huge amount of work and a huge amount of fun and love. If you want a calm, easy to care for dog, this breed is not for you. Bull terriers require a lot of attention and definitely should be well-socialized and obedience trained. My bull terriers were kennel trained, and it made life a lot easier and happier for all of us. I highly recommend kennel training for this breed.

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