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My bull terrier


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Posted September 8, 2015

Bull terriers are lovable dogs with incredibly unique and rich personalities. They are clowns most of the time, but they will keep you on your toes.

I got my dog from a rescue when he was a year old. His prior owners had not been kind to him, so it took a few months to earn his trust before we could start with training. They are stubborn and are not the kind of dog you can say "no" and have them "get it" the first time. Positive and consistent reinforcement is the best way to train these dogs. He has warmed up to our entire family now and everyone is involved in his obedience training (and treating).

Bull terriers are stocky and muscular dogs. The pros of this are obvious - home security. The downside is that they can be hard on children or individuals who are not well-balanced, and tend to knock them over when they play.

They are demanding dogs - demanding of your time and energy, but they pay it back ten fold with their loyalty and consistently hilarious antics.

Being terriers, unless socialized extremely young, they will answer their prey drive by chasing after cats and other small animals. While Jack is great with our little dog, we do have to keep him separated from the cats to be on the safe side.

He likes to lay on the couch and cuddle and is also good for hikes and short to medium length walks. Bull terriers are not great distance runners.

Grooming is easy, and we find that with fish oil and good food we have almost no issues around his coat and skin.

I would recommend a bull terrier as a solid family dog, but only if you have the time to train him and keep him company.

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