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My rescued Bull Terrier


435500, Romania

Posted February 15, 2015

I wasn't planning on getting another dog, but the story of Frida touched my heart. She had spent most of her life in a swine stall, because the girlfriend of her previous owner was allergic to dogs. So when I heard her sad story and found out that she was up for adoption, I decided to give her a new home. She was in poor condition when I got her and had scabs all over her head and pressure sores from lying on hard surfaces. She quickly settled in her new family, as if she had been living with us from the very beginning. Since we have many cats, we were worried at the beginning that she might attack them. Bull Terriers have a bad reputation for being vicious, but Frida never showed signs of aggression and is good with cats and other dogs. However at times she would gang up with our Borzoi and chase our chickens. Luckily we managed to break this bad habbit. But considering that her previous owner did not take the time to train and discipline her, I would say she is exceptionally well-behaved.

She is extremely loving and craves attention all the time unlike our Borzoi, which are more independent. She has a great appetite and never misses a chance to steal the cats' food. One of the downsides of this breed is that it sheds a lot despite the short hair. Our 2 Borzoi also shed like crazy, but at least long hair seems easier to remove from furniture and clothes.

A funny fact about Frida is that she snores like a bear. I am a light sleeper, so I had to arrange a sleeping area for her in another room. I don't know if it is a common problem in the breed, but Frida has often had skin problems, maybe due to the conditions she was previously kept in.

Even though she is quite old now she is still very active and loves to play fetch. Hope she will be around for many more years to come.

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