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The Naughtiest Bully


4051, South Africa

Posted November 26, 2014

Zoe the English Bull Terrier (pictured below) was a pretty naughty dog – mainly because we did not take the time to train and discipline her early enough – something that is an absolute necessity in any terrier breed.

Zoe loved to dig, and every plant we brought home was in danger of being destroyed as soon as it was planted. Despite a complete aversion to water (bath time was a 3 person job), she would even jump into the water feature pond and retrieve plants - maybe she thought she was saving them from drowning. Walks on the beach were interesting to say the least – the crashing of the waves meant we had to walk well away from the water – and if you have ever been dragged along by a determined bully, you will know that this was not a relaxing walk on the beach.

Bull Terriers are notoriously bad mothers, and as Zoe was the most boisterous of all 4 of my Bullies, I didn’t think motherhood would have been good for her, so we had her spayed at 6 months, which was sad, as bully pups are adorable and I would have loved to have reared another litter.

I will always love and favour Bull Terriers over any other dog. The love they give, their loyalty and their protective natures are to me the perfect character traits in a pet. My kids were 18 months & 3 years old when we got our first bully, and I never worried about their safety for a minute.

Although they have a bad reputation for being vicious, if they are reared correctly with the right type of loving discipline, you will have to look very far to find a breed as gentle, loyal and protective as an English Bull Terrier.

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