Mr. Moo (Shamoo)

Brussels Griffon

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Shamoo - The Little John of Our Family


United States

Posted October 10, 2013

We have really enjoyed our Brussels terrier.

It is a rather stereotypical small, toy dog. It is a bit on the barky end, and tends to get riled up quite easily, but it is very loving and gentle, and extremely adorable.

Our little guy is extremely tiny, so we of course named him Mr. Moo after the famous, gigantic whale named Shamoo from Sea World. His personality has adapted to this, and he feels like he runs the household despite being the smallest occupant of it.

Regarding their care, he has for the most part been happy and healthy. He did have an issue with the hair surrounding his eyes which our vet told us is common to the breed and required some minor surgery, but apart from that he has been well.

They are an excellent guard breed, though I suspect somewhat unintentionally; Mr. Moo would probably want to play with a burglar he discovered, though he would indeed discover them.

He also has fit in very well with the mixed pack of animals we keep at home, every one of which is significantly bigger than he is.

Overall, this is a great breed to select for those who are interested in true toy breeds, as he seems to be very happy and healthy, and relatively low maintenance. I recommend this breed to most families, or those who live in urban apartments and need smaller pets.

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