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A Dog Named after Lizzie Borden


Virginia, United States

Posted November 3, 2013

So Lizzy was my childhood dog who lived with me and my family as I grew up. We had to say goodbye to her while I was in college. She was a wonderful dog that did not suffer from any temperament issues. (Admittedly I am looking through the lens of "nostalgia" here so take that for what it's worth.)

She was about 30lbs, black, with a white stripe down her chest. Lizzy loved people. She would start barking at strangers but was never aggressive and after she calmed down they would be her best friend. We always said that she would definitely let us know if an intruder was the in the house but would be absolutely useless in getting rid of them.

She was a jumper, which was one of the few things we had a hard time breaking her of. Lizzy would jump on you as came home because she was so excited. She also would pee when she was really excited.

While she barked a lot, I think I can count on one hand the amount of times I heard her growl. She snapped once, at me as a child, because I pulled her tail. Outside of that she was never aggressive. She was great with kids, even my niece who was born later in Lizzy's life. She didn't mind the pulling on her, aggressive petting, and hugging. She was great with kids.

She also had an amazing talent to obey. She was so driven by praise that she did not want to upset any family member at all. A simple "bad girl" would yield whimpers. The family story is that once, my mom walked to my elementary school to pick me up and told Lizzy to stay when she walked out of our yard. When her and I return twenty minutes later she was sitting in the same place. She knew her boundaries of the yard and never went outside of them. (Well, until she was old and ornery and didn't care anymore. Even then we would find her just across the street, no further.)

All around she was a great dog. She seemed to have pulled the best from both breeds. Highly recommend.

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