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Posted September 27, 2013

Brittney is a 3 year old Brittany Spaniel mix, whom we all call Brit. By far she is one of the most well behaved dogs I have ever had. She has been easy to train and she is very obedient and responsive to commands. I have had her since she was born, her mother passed away while giving birth to her litter.

She is the most loving and caring dogs that anyone can ever have. I grew up with dogs in my house, so I am pretty much used to anything a dog can throw at me, if they could throw. This dog is a complete love muffin, as I like to refer to her as, she likes to come up onto the couch and snuggle up to me as I am watching my favorite programs. I can't help but give her some belly rubs when she does it cause she is such a sweetheart and just can't stop being a lovely dog.

Though I must say this dog does tend to shed a lot, she never has smelt bad and is very good with her overall general hygiene. I do take her to the groomers though and have them remove her coat twice during the summer time, to help her along with the shedding process. After those initial cuts I let her regrow her coat for the winter time because where we live is a bit nippy and does snow a lot.

Winter weather is a good time in my personal opinion to get your dog a pair of puppy slippers. I do this to help protect my puppy's paws from getting cracked and to keep her comfortable for when we go out on walks. I tend to use the walking time as my personal exercise time and we do get pretty far. After a couple of miles she tends to want to head home and I let her lead the way.

I think that all dogs, Brittany or not, should be taken on long walks and should get a lot of exercise, especially if they are an energetic. Also rewarding is probably one of the best things to do when your dog has been extremely well behaved. I love rewarding my dog because she earns every treat she gets. I also firmly believe in letting the pet help pick the treats. Brit's favorite outing is when we go to the pet store, not only is it good cause she gets to meet other dogs, she helps pick out the treats that she wants. And personally I have let a lot of my pets pick out what they want from the store because it's a waste of money if they don't like what they are getting.

This dog is one of the sweetest most loving dogs anyone can have. I can only say from my own experience that this puppy was one of the best gifts I have ever received. I can't imagine a day without her and I don't know what I will do without such a lovely pup in my life. She is worth every moment.

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