Brittany / Cocker Spaniel Mix

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Sweetest, Most Well Behaved Dog Ever



Posted May 7, 2013

My cousin owned Honey the Brittany-Spaniel, and I would be able to visit her whenever I went over to their house which was nearly everyday. She was by far THE most well-behaved dog I have ever come into contact with. It was very easy to train her and she was extremely obedient, and responsive.

If I could say one sentence about Honey it would be that she was a love machine. She would be at our side no matter what, and unlike a lot of other dogs, she loved to be picked up and played with. I would often sit her on my lap, hold her hands and do little dances and she would never resist.

Honey was a fairly quiet dog as well, the only time she would bark is when another dog around her was barking. Other than that she was quiet and sweet.

Honey required as much grooming and brushing as any other dog but she did tend to shed a lot on my clothing when I would pick her up. She was never smelly though, and always kept up with her personal hygiene. On walks she was very well behaved, never barked at passers-by, and had the cutest little trot I've ever seen.

One thing about her though is that she was quite a mooch. She would hang around the dinner table and look up at us with those puppy dog eyes looking for a little treat from our dinner plates. However when we would say "no Honey, lay down," or "not now Honey we're eating dinner," she would lay down by her water bowl or go find another adventure to keep her entertained. Of course she would return ten minutes later but it was only because she loved us soo much.

I would recommend this kind of dog to absolutely anybody who has room in their heart for love, because this pup gives a whole lot of it!

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