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Gender: Female

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Boxers....LOTS of energy!


Texas, United States

Posted January 23, 2013

While volunteering at an animal shelter, I fostered a boxer puppy named Sara from a small puppy to until she was ready to be put up for adoption. I also have had extensive experience working with boxers while working as a kennel attendant at an animal hospital. Boxers are great family dogs, but REALLY energetic! My experience with Sara was of course fun and heartwarming, boxer puppies are too CUTE! But, it was also a very trying experience. You have to know what you're getting yourself into before jumping into owning a boxer.


Lovable, playful, loyal, good watch dogs, energetic (perfect for someone with a very active lifestyle), and easy to groom.
They are good with kids and other dogs, as well as new people.
They are relatively easy to train, if you start early!
They are intelligent dogs.


They are VERY energetic! If you don't give them an outlet for their energy and play with/exercise them often, they are known for CHEWING and other destructive behaviors (as well as generally just annoying you to death to play). This would NOT be a good apartment dog.

They jump. Almost every boxer I have ever encountered has had a problem with jumping on people, this can sometimes scare or unintentionally injure small children (but the dogs have not malice). Once there was a boxer at the kennel that figured out how to jump/climb out of his run and had the run of the whole kennel all night long (they're crafty so don't underestimate them).

They slobber. Part of getting a dog with relatively droopy jowls comes with a good amount of slobber.

If not given the proper training at an early age, they can be a big handful and be quite a problem. These dogs are too big to not be trained properly for obedience (the jumping on people problem comes in on this one, as well as the chewing).

Due to their size, they may scare small children and cats with their overabundance of energy.

The breed is prone to heart conditions as well as allergies. As they age, they often need to be put on special diets to accommodate any health issues (but this can be said with any breed really).

Overall, boxers are wonderful dogs if they are properly trained and well exercised. Because of their exuberant nature and propensity for mischief, they are not for everyone. I only recommend boxers to those with an active lifestyle and a good sized backyard.

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