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Acquired: Rescue / shelter organization

Gender: Female

Training: Socializing, Obedience

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Wiggle-butt with a Heart of Gold


Coraopolis, Pennsylvania, United States

Posted October 21, 2016

Miley, like the majority of boxers I've met, is EXTREMELY high energy. A good portion of time and planning goes into her routine. Daily walks/play sessions are absolutely essential as she gets destructive if she doesn't get adequate exercise. Additionally, she gets a good bit of enrichment (Kongs, toys, etc.) to keep her brain busy when we're at home. With training, she can lose interest quickly so we have to change things up when teaching her new tricks.
Miley's grooming requirements are minimal. She gets a bath twice a month and that's it! However, her health issues make up for her low-maintenance grooming requirements. Boxers are notorious for health conditions such as cancer and allergies. My gal has steroid responsive spinal meningitis. She sees a neurologist once a year and is on medication on and off to control her condition. Keeping a close eye on her health status is important and we work hard to keep her healthy with a good diet and exercise.
Adopting Miley has certainly been a life-changing experience. I brought her home from the shelter as a foster and she never left! In pure boxer fashion she is extremely expressive and incredibly loving. She loves to cuddle up with her humans and cannot sleep unless she's curled up right next to me. While Miley is not a couch potato, she is an awesome dog for an active lifestyle. She loves hiking and exploring the great outdoors. We just have to be very careful with her around small critters, her prey drive is quite high. She has been around small children with no issues (save some sloppy, slobbery kisses!) and is a great family dog.

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