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Muse, Oklahoma, United States

Posted June 8, 2016

Wizard is an adorable purebred boxer puppy who was homeless and living on the streets. That's tough for a little guy! He was skinny and sickly when we rescued him, and it took some antibiotics and nutritional supplements to restore his health. We also gave him plenty of food and generous portions of TLC. He was looking great within a couple of weeks, and after a month, he was the picture of health.

We had Wizard as a foster pup for three months before he moved on to his forever home. He was a joy the whole time we had him. I knew that boxers have a reputation for being hyper, and the one adult boxer I rescued earlier in the year definitely lived up to that reputation. I was a little concerned that Wizard would be hard to handle, but that was not the case.

Wizard was an easy pup to foster. He was super smart and easy to train. He definitely had a high energy level, but he also had equal periods of being chilled out. He was either going full blast or sleeping hard!

Wizard was great with our other dogs and foster puppies. He needed a little guidance on cat etiquette though. I would love to have a boxer for a pet, but only if I had plenty of time to devote to training. Boxers do not demand too much attention, but their energy level makes training a must. If you don't train and have control over a high energy pup, you can quickly find yourself with an uncontrollable adult dog. If you want to adopt a boxer, make sure you plan for obedience classes. If you are looking for a stunningly beautiful breed with energy and brains, a boxer may be the dog for you!

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