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Remembering our boxer


Posted April 22, 2016

It was my brother who brought home this four-month-old boxer that he found not far from our house. We called him Tyson but eventually transformed the name into Toosic. He was so full of energy and love for everything alive; all that is beautiful about this world - simplicity, honesty, grace, joy - it was all there, in his eyes and in his movements. He put a real spell on all of us. As time went by, he started developing certain habits that would often get him in trouble. Normally he didn't care about other dogs, but when we were around, our boxer would always feel the need to show us how fearless and protecting he could be. Toosic would attack other dogs, especially if they were barking, no matter how small or big they were. You could not walk him without a leash; good job we lived in a countryside. But still, at times he would find a hole in someone´s fence, get in, and hurt another dog that he would consider offensive or dangerous. It was very painful to watch without being able to do anything. We tried changing this, but ultimately, it was the time that turned Toosic into someone a bit wiser and more reserved with his energy; he did lose a couple of teeth in those years, though.
Eventually, he matured and became more observing, more integrated with the family, and sometimes even strangely able to read our minds; my brother would often jokingly call him “our psychologist.” There was always this special male bond between the two of them. Putting aside dog´s earlier trouble-seeking habits, Toosic was always a great companion, he was always very easy-going and very understanding. He was a real family member that became our teacher of loyalty and unconditional love. We´re still under your spell, our little doggie :)
I believe boxers are a great breed, but they do require proper training. If you have the time and energy to invest in a companion like the one we had, do it; it will enrich your life enormously.

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