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Acquired: Rescue / shelter organization

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Training: Friends

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United States

Posted August 8, 2014

I first owned a boxer when my cousins moved to Hawaii. They didn't want to take him back to the shelter because of his age, and were reluctant to give him to their neighbors (a.k.a. known pet haters). They knew I was looking for an affordable dog to adopt, and that I adored his company, so that's how I ended up with this stubborn, yet lovable little boxer dog named "Hyper." I will start out by saying that these dogs are great for kids, work well as guard dogs, and require very minimal grooming despite their medium to large sizes. I will warn, however, that the money not spent on nail clippings and/or fur trims will be spent on vet bills...LOTS and LOTS of vet bills. Boxer dogs are extremely susceptible to illnesses, and (don't let the kids read this one) have very short life spans. My poor Boxer died a year after I got him, at the age of four. He was already pre-trained by my cousins, yet I still had to train him to treat some of my friends AS friends, and not foes. He was stubborn at first, as most Boxer dogs are, but he caught on. Children were never a problem for him. He got so excited every time my 5-year-old niece came over! He worked well with her little American Shorthair kitten, but didn't play nice with other male boxer dogs when I took him to the park, a place we went to often. These dogs require tons of exercise and playtime, as they are often super active. Overall, boxer dogs are great pets to have if you are willing to pay for the vet treatments, be patient with his constant barking and playfulness, and to let go when it is his time to leave.

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