Mugsy and Millie


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Mugsy and Millie


Virginia Beach and Waynesboro, Virginia, United States

Posted June 24, 2009

My mom owns both of these two. They are great pets. They are happy and playful, intelligent, and protective (but not overly or aggressively). We can remove food, water, toys, ect with nothing but a "hey, what are you doing?" look. They get a little excited when new people come in, Mugsy tries to jump. They bark whenever someone comes to the door. They do not get along with strange dogs, but I think its more of a male/female thing. Mugsy hates other male dogs, does not want them near him, but has no interest in the female next door. While Millie jumps on the fence and barks whenever the female next door is out, but has no interest in male dogs. They had Mugsy first and a year or two later Millie was brought home. Mugsy did not have any issues with her. They love to play together and be around eachother, but they also do not worry if they are seperated for any amount of time. I love them and think they are great family pets and watch dogs. One last thing, if my little brother (now 17, 12 when first got Mugsy) and I start rough-housing, Mugsy will bark at me, not aggressively, just playing along, but in a way that I know he is protecting my brother. However, if my husband and I start rough-housing, Mugsy does the same thing, but at my husband, playing protection over me. So they do become familiar with the family and will protect if necessary against a violent person. They have never accidentally harmed or injured anyone ever either, (aside from normal scratches from playing rough with them).

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