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My experience with my Treeing Walker Coonhound and boxer mix ( BT Walker )


United States

Posted December 28, 2015

Hank is a very perky, playful, and happy puppy. He has grown up with 3 cats, 1 Shitzu/Poodle mix, and one Lab/Beagle mix. He does very well with cats and small dogs, as he has been around them since he was 8 months old. He has taken a particular liking to the lab/beagle mix, Zeus. Just as he has taken a liking to Zeus, the 5 year old Zeus has taken Hank under his wing.

Hank loves to play with anybody and anything. He is always full of pep and energy. He also sleeps, eats, and drinks water with the same passion and energy that he uses to play.

Hank is highly intelligent, and very trainable. He is also a teddy bear, he loves attention, is very loyal to his master, loves to cuddle, loves his family, and is overall a very happy dog. He is very vocal, and is always speaking his mind, whether he is barking when playing, or crying because he has an itch on his hind leg.

He is very pretty with a short, thick, white coat, with Walker coonhound brown spots and coloring, with coonhound spots coming in underneath, along with light boxer brindling. He is all muscle and will grow to be large. I will follow up when he is older.

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