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Nell Loves Hugs


Tennessee, United States

Posted October 3, 2014

Nell came into my family's life during the Christmas holiday 9 years ago and has been a joy in our lives ever since. She has always been extremely cuddly and is very people oriented. She loves giving hugs and is content to sit by your side for hours at a time. One of her favorite things to do is listen to you talk into her ear; I honestly think she could sit next to you all day just to listen to your voice. I think it is in those moments that she is the most content dog alive.

Nell is definitely one of the most loving dogs in the world, but she is also one of the most stubborn. My family and I trained her at a young age to be a functioning house dog (potty trained, obedient to voice command, etc), but if she doesn't want to sit, it doesn't matter how many times you tell her, she isn't going to sit. You can sound soothing or authoritative, and she still won't budge if she doesn't want to do what you are asking.

Even though she can be very stubborn, she has never been aggressive with anyone in our family nor towards anyone outside of our family (young or old). And she is incredibly easy to groom, with very short brown hair that doesn't seem to shed too much. All she needs is a good bath given by yours truly, and she is squeaky clean (although, she has a talent for getting dirty very fast).

Honestly though, Nell as definitely given our family a special gift. She lives up to the title "Man's Best Friend." She is always loving and always there when I have needed a little hug.

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