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Laporte, Colorado, United States

Posted February 3, 2019

Maia has kept us on our toes ever since we first owned her. When she was a puppy she was somewhat of a nightmare with her constant energy and rambunctious nature. As she grew older she's calmed down quite a bit but still loves to run around and get into trouble.
As fun as she is, she seems to have a screw loose in her brain. We have another dog, Lucy, who Maia does not get along with. We have to keep them separated at all times or they will get in a brutal, bloody fight. She also wasn't trained very well as a puppy (passed onto us by my older brother) so she has some obedience issues.
Other than that, Maia is a delight and we love her dearly. She has a precious face and that melts you right to your core. She's very cuddly and enjoys being as close as she possibly can to you. She even enjoys sleeping under the covers when she's cold.
Another unique and amusing trait Maia has is that she loves young men. My brother bought her when she was a puppy so she lived in a house with five college guys for her first year of life. Still to this day, whenever a guy or my brothers visit my mom's house she goes crazy. She absolutely loves their attention and won't leave their side.
We love our Maia and have enjoyed owning her, but she definitely isn't our easiest dog.

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