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Langley, British Columbia, Canada

Posted July 27, 2009

Ok so Winnie was flawed on many levels, she had been badly bred and was terribly afraid of strangers from day one which grew into aggression towards strangers. If I had known to get her out there and socialize as much as possible as a puppy things may have been different but I was only 14 and just treated her like a normal pup. So she was a very large fear aggressive dog who needed to be muzzled in public and hidden away when company came. If I had known more about the breed I would have taken her to lots of public places on our walks and made sure people stopped to pet her. That being said I still absolutely loved that dog! And I would love to have another Bouvier one day! Winnie was a total sweet heart, she bonded with me right away and was always at my side, she was surprisingly gentile for a dog her size, she loved kids(and I mead LOVED them lol) she would get excited when we passed a park full of kids or someone with a stroller, she played very carefully with them like she knew they could be hurt if she knocked them down and let them do just about anything to her.One time I had to tell the kids why its not okay to all sit on the doggy while she's laying down because Winnie just lay there and let them, her only form of retaliation was to calmly get up and walk away.  and if one of the kids fell down and started crying she would be right there sniffing at their face to see if they were ok. She was also good with our cats and rabbits and the cutest thing I ever saw was Winnie laying down on our deck watching as a chickadee hopped around just inches from her she didn't budge, but here ears perked every time it got a little closer. She was a very easy dog to train to, she loved to do tricks and once I taught her something she never seemed to forget it. Sadley I only had her for 4  years before my living situation drastically changed and I realized I could not care for her that way I should so through a bouvier rescue I found her a wonderful home but I miss her still very much even though she has probably passed on a longtime ago:(

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