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Posted May 24, 2014

It's true. I've had 9 Dobermans before I had Nero, and now that I experienced the Bouvier-des-flandres, I don't want another dog. He was the most amazing dog I've ever had. I got him when I was in sixth grade, and he was always extremely happy to see me when I came home from school (or skipped class to stay with him, but Shh). He understood extremely quickly to not go up the stairs to the bedrooms, or jump on the couch, or beg for food. He was extremely calm too; he actually rarely barked! We have a huge backyard, and in the back we have a forrest were lots of animals reside. Sometimes, we would get the occasional Bambi or racoons in our backyard, and Nero would just become stiff and watch them walk on his territory. He wouldn't bother my family by barking or jumping. Once we opened the door though, he would SPRINT towards the intruder... but no barking which was extremely smart. His goal was to catch the animal and destroy it, which he did in some instances. He didn't kill the animals though; like once there was a cat and he ran to grab it. Once he did, he threw it across the yard LOL! the cat never came back. After two years, we never had any problems with intruders.
He was very kind to humans though; we brought him to dog parks every weekend and he would run around with the other dogs and play with the owners who wanted to get a little dirty. He never bit or hurt anyone, and he was very loving with kids. We had to watch an 8 month old baby, and Nero was always on the watch for the baby crying. When we put her in the crate, Nero would stay close to her.
We are also a family that travels a lot, which is why we changed dogs pretty much every year (when we went on vacation). But with Nero, we couldn't. He was too loving as a dog to let him go. He would look at you like he was looking at another dog; he would look at you with love and admiration. It was truly amazing.
Unfortunately, we had a neighbour who didn't love him as much and he poisoned Nero. Two weeks later, we had to euthanize him. We all loved him so much that we had to wait four years before we actually bought another dog.... another Bouvier of course :) His name is Romeo and he is the most amazing puppy ever!
I truly recommend this race as they are the most amazing ones :)
I don't have a picture of Nero on this computer, but you can find pictures of Romeo ! As puppies, they are to DIE for with those cute eyes and big nose. I will put some with fur and without :)

**Careful with the hip with these dogs though. I was lucky to not have problems with Nero or Romeo's (knock on wood) but lots of Bouviers have hip problems. Make sure you bring the dog to the vet and have the breeder give you a guarantee on the dog.

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