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Posted October 23, 2012

Pure Clown. Seriously, these dogs are CLOWNS! Ive only got a lot of experience full time with pet sitting a Boston. Ive met others at work, and played with them at dog parks, etc. My review is based on the one I have a lot of hands on experience with.

Milo is silly. It seems as if everything he does, he does it and checks to make sure you saw how silly he was. Or what amazing feat he's just pulled off. Lots of energy, but not overly so. Very friendly as a store dog (his mom worked with me too) and greet new customers and their pets very well. Very lovable, loved to perch in the window or sun himself in the yard.

Milo loved children, and from other Boston owners experiences, I would feel safe having one around my child. Although no dog should ever be left unattended with a child and vice versa, I would feel this is one of the safer breed around children since they have patience, and love to play.

Gas. If a diet is not working for a Boston, you will know it. Too rich for your Boston? Gas. On the opposite end, too much grain for your Boston? You will know it! Certain ingredient not sitting well with your Boston, you will definitely know it! Im certain these dogs could power a fleet of cars. Probiotics help a lot, and be sure to keep trying until you find the food that works the best for your dog, as gas is not comfortable!

I havent found them to be a very noisy, barky breed, but they do "oink, oink" a bit like other flat faced breeds. Too much snuffling from their nose and mouth can indicate a problem, that surgery can repair if it's bad enough to warrant.

Highly recommend Bostons for any family! They would do well in a house, or in an apartment with enough exercise.

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