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Boston Terriers!


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Posted July 21, 2015

There are some great, and not so great things about Boston Terriers I'd like to share. Obviously, different types of people prefer different breeds of dogs. My experience with my Boston terrier has been filled with love, energy, a lot of playing; but also a lot of crying, jealousy and barking over absolutely nothing!

First off, my terrier, Oliver, was easy enough to potty and crate train. Within a few short weeks he knew how to ask to be brought out, and understood the phrases “bedtime” “sit” and “shake.” When we tell him it’s time for bed, he walks right into his crate!

Oliver loves attention, it can be cute sometimes, but most times borders on overwhelming. We can't even pay attention to our other pets without him getting jealous and running over to us. As soon as someone sits down in the living room, Oliver is all over them, with bony legs and a lot of licking!

Boston Terriers are very much velcro dogs in my experience. Every time my parents leave the house he sits at the window and whines, and every time someone pulls into our driveway (even us) he barks an insane amount. Regardless of who walks through the front door, he immediately runs up to them and barks and jumps looking for attention. It's all very annoying at times.

While he is very loving, and super adorable, I would prefer a dog more low-key, who doesn't cry and feel anxious when I'm not there.

Thanks for reading!

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