Boston Terrier / Labrador Retriever Mix

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United States

Posted April 16, 2014

We got our dog as a puppy and she's absolutely amazing. But there are a few things that would make us not get a Boston Lab again. First though, here are the great things about her. She's smart, playful, and extremely low maintenance. We call her our wash and wear puppy because she can get wet and be dry very quickly. She's super loving and needs to be right next to you no matter what you're doing or where you are. As long as its not outside. She does not like being too hot or too cold. Training was never an issue with her and she picks up things extremely fast. She had her CGC before any of the other dogs in her adult class and she likes doing therapy work, to a degree. At 40lbs she pretty much the ideal size for us.

The not so great things (which largely come from the Boston Terrier side of her according to breeders, owners of BTs, and also my veterinarian)
She gets allergies a lot and when she's stressed they flare up, same with her ear infections. Its not enough just to make sure her ears are super clean, she has to be on special stuff that gets gooped into her ears every few weeks to keep any flare ups from becoming issues. Because her mouth is square and also squished, she had to have some teeth removed because they wouldn't all fit in her mouth. Apparently this is a normal thing for breeds that are mixed with squished faced dogs. She's neurotic about everything and barks to express herself. She also whines to talk. We're used to it, our guests aren't so much. She can't swim but she loves water as long as it comes up to her knees and no further. Anything more and she can't handle it. Sometimes when she gets very excited she can't breathe correctly. When this happens we have to slow everything down or completely stop it so that she can become calm again. Its scary but as long as we're here to help she's okay. The vet says there's nothing that can be done since its just a nose thing.

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