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Tiger, the Once In a Lifetime Dog


Ferndale, Washington, United States

Posted January 25, 2014

We got Tiger in 1989. He was three years old. We had him until he was 21 years old at which time, we had to have him put to sleep due to old age and being in pain.

Tiger was the kind of dog that only comes along once in a lifetime. There is literally not one negative thing that can be said about Tiger.

These are the highlights of Tiger’s time with us on earth:

*Tiger knew the difference between playing with children and playing with adults. He played “rougher” with adults (but never meanly) and “gently” with our children.

*He was completely trained when we got him and never had to be trained again, for anything.

*He did not have any “bad” odor and was very easy to groom (he was a shorthair).

*He was never territorial. Our daughter could take a steak bone out of his mouth and he would let her.

*Aside from his anal glands needing to be dealt with twice, he was and remained in fantastic health his entire life. His teeth were in excellent shape.

*He was the perfect lap size dog. He wouldn’t completely lay on our laps but would rest the top half of his body on our laps.

*When he needed to go to the bathroom, he would sit at the door, look at us, walk over to us, walk back to the door, scratch once, then back over to us and then back over to the door.

*We never had to change our tone with Tiger, ever. No matter what we said to him, he would listen, and respond accordingly. He was VERY intelligent and seemed to understand our words, always. He never had to be reprimanded.

*He never begged for food.

We loved Tiger with all our hearts and were devastated when he had to be put to sleep because he just got so old that it became painful for him to move.

He truly was our “Once In a Lifetime”.

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