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The Miniature German Shepard


United States

Posted March 25, 2016

As a kid growing up, the first pet I ever owned was a German Shepard mixed with a Basset Hound named Buddy. This mix of breeds was very comedic because Buddy looked exactly like a German Shepard, but had the body and bark of a Basset Hound. Everyone enjoyed being around Buddy because he always brought a lively presence to the room, but never got too much in your business. Buddy was a very laid back dog, and understood when you were too busy to play with or pet him that he needed to leave you alone. He was the smartest dog I have ever seen, and often times it only took me a week to teach him a new trick! He did very well in the house by never jumping on the furniture or tearing up anything, and he never once used the bathroom in the house. The only con to having him inside is that he shed... A LOT. We would constantly have the Roomba Vacuum running in different rooms of the house every day, and usually Buddy would sleep in the back yard due to his shedding. The only other con about Buddy was that he had a very hard stench to get rid of. We would bathe him as often as we could without drying out his skin, but usually he would still have a little stench, even right after drying him off from a bath! When it came to Buddy, the pros greatly outweighed the cons, and if you are looking into owning a German Shepard then I highly recommend it! German Shepards are very loyal dogs who will be your best friend until the end!

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