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35037, Germany

Posted August 10, 2015

We got our Borzoi when he was a puppy. We played a lot of running and fighting games with him, which he got never tired of.

I would not have picked this breed when we got him, but my mother wanted a Borzoi. And I have to say that it was an exceptionally good decision. First (I was fiteen or so), I "got used" to the way they looked and now I think they are the most beautiful dogs ever!

I always had the feeling they were very wise and understood everything you talked about (ok, probably every dog owner thinks that about their dog). But these guys came across as old souls. They communicated a lot with you and they wanted to spend a lot of time together.

At the time we had two Borzois, we also had two cats (got both of them as kittens, when the Borzois were around) and a rabbit. (The rabbit was the boss of them all.) You might think that because of their size Borzois would not be very attentive to smaller animals, but they all lived together in happy harmony and sometimes even cuddled. (Ok, the rabbit sometimes bit the Borzois...)

Of course, Borzois do have an urge to run. In the field, one of our Borzois used to focus on another person/animal and run towards them (which could be scary for you if you are afraid of large dogs). He would stop a couple of metres in front of them and then turn around and just run the other way.

Right now I'm not in the position to own a dog, but in the future I would like to live with a dog again and that will definitely be a Borzoi. I just love their character, how much they enjoy whatever they do and how much they communicate with you.

Photo: Ltshears/Wikimedia

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