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Buddy the Border Terrier


United States

Posted April 7, 2013

Buddy has been a wonderful dog to own and I would recommend a Border Terrier to anyone. He is an extremely well-behaved and loyal dog with a great disposition. We have three children, ages 10-8-2 and he's wonderful with all of them including the toddler who has a tendency to try to pull at him and get a little over-aggressive. He follows commands extremely well and really doesn't get into any trouble whatsoever. He does not have to be kenneled when we leave the house and does not go on the furniture while we're gone or cause any other issues in the house while we’re gone. We give him the run of the house throughout the day while at work with no issues whatsoever. He has the run of the house for over eight hours on typical day while my wife and I are at work. We have a very big property and he enjoys having the run off the property, but we do have to contain him with an electric fence. Prior to the installation of the electric fence he would leave the property at times. He'd always come back but would definitely head out and explore the neighborhood if he wasn't contained by the fence.

From a grooming perspective he has very coarse hair and does shed. The hair can be difficult to get off of furniture and carpet at times. We take him to the groomer about three times per year to have his hair shaved. When it gets a bit longer he tends to look a big shaggy and looks best with the hair shorter. His coarse hair sometimes does make him difficult to bathe, but with his hair type you don't have to worry about any matting issues.

In regards to other animals we also have a Westie and the two get along wonderfully. We don't have any cats but we've had a few strays wander into the yard over the years and Buddy will chase after them and other small critters such like rabbits, squirrels and chipmunks. The only negative with Buddy is a tendency to aggressively bark when someone comes to the door. He does not frequently bark at any other time. Of course some people like this quality for guard dog purposes. We've tried techniques to reduce the barking when the doorbell rings to no avail.

All in all I would strongly recommend a border terrier to someone looking for a smaller dog that is very healthy and vigorous but also does well with small children and other dogs. He’s a wonderful family pet.

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