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Brodie the terrier


08440, Spain

Posted August 23, 2015

I was very young when I first had this dog, and he was the first proper pet I ever had. Sadly, my dad has him now so I don't see him very often. I grew up with him and we have had many experiences (good and bad) which only an amazing border terrier would offer. As most terriers he is always chasing animals, since they are born to hunt. This means you have to be very careful where you go with him. He has tried to get at as many cats as possible, but of course they are far too quick for him. The best thing about him is his playfulness. He loves just running around, catching a ball, chasing after something, etc. He is a pretty small dog, so is perfect for a flat, however it's still important to take him out for walks as much as possible. One big problem I would say is the disobedience. Even after obedience training with a professional, it still takes time for him to come when called. You go out for a walk with him, he finds something interesting like cows or horses and he will completely ignore your calls. Even worse, he will look at you, meaning he has heard you, and then will trot off. My family and I laughed a lot about this, and would just call him a cheeky dog. He is very funny and adorable, but loves exploring at any chance he gets, so you have to keep a good eye on him when on walks without a lead. He is amazingly nice to everyone, he wags his tail like crazy and absolutely loves attention, even though he's not desperate for it. He is very active and perky and I will do anything for a treat. I say this breed is perfect for anyone who wants to go hiking, hunting or regular mountain walk. Even though he is disobedient, that might be just my dog, I have heard of very obedient border terriers. Efficient training from the start should achieve that.

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