Border Collie

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Acquired: Rescue / shelter organization

Gender: Female

Training: Socializing, Obedience

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Marietta, Georgia, United States

Posted March 7, 2017

Jennifer is my 4th collie and my first pure breed border collie. She is the most beautiful and loving dog, who learns quickly, but is often stupid. There is mostly nothing wrong with her (I have had her checked, twice) but she still routinely runs into doors, bolts into the back of my legs and knocks me over and cannot resist eating sticks and blankets - so my conclusion is that she is foolish, but still wonderful. My favourite thing about border collie's is their loyalty to the family unit, she herds my children and is often really useful in alerting them to things, so she does have her uses. In addition, she has a really strong bond with my eldest son and spends most of her time curled up in his bed - so my feeling is that bonding with one member of the family is something most collie's do.
What I love about the breed
- Loyalty
- can be walked off the leash and stays with me at all times, even when distracted
- quick to learn, is easily trained and is very adaptable
- Follows instructions and orders very well
What I don't like
- She can be difficult around small children and has been known to nip them on the legs if they are not behaving (I guess she thinks they are sheep)
- She needs constant stimulation - so lots of toys, walks and treats
- Is very jumpy, rarely settles down until it is bedtime, she is always aware of her environment and therefore slightly anxious at times

Overall border collies are a great breed for most adult dog owners and are incredibly rewarding. I would recommend them as a wonderful companion dog if you are fit and active.

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