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Cohutta, Georgia, United States

Posted January 29, 2017

Our border collie walked up to our house on a hot day, walked in and refused to leave. I said that there was no way we were keeping her. That was almost three years ago. Because she was a wandering lady, I named her Gypsy.

Gypsy and Tinker Bell, my Chihuahua, quickly became the best of friends. They both allow me to dress them up while looking like they feel sorry for me as much as themselves. Gypsy tolerates the three cats we brought in this past summer but the neighbors, not so much. If one of their cats crosses our fence then the chase is on.

Border collies are herding dogs. Gypsy is no exception. She herds everyone and everything by using her body to block you or push you in the direction she thinks you need to go.

She does bark quite loudly at other animals, also when people are outside and not paying attention to her. She also enjoys waiting in the dark on one of our cats to go by, jumping and barking one sharp bark at them to see them jump. She obviously has a sense of humor.

Gypsy is very well behaved with doggy visitors as long as they don't come in the house. She has two canine roommates and feels that is quite enough. She needs to go outside and run every day, having a companion to run with makes her happy.

If you are considering a pet that is good with other animals and children, from my own experience, the border collie can't be beat. Gypsy is great with children, she learns commands quickly and obeys without hesitation. She can be bossy when she wants to be loved but most women can be.

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