Border Collie

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Acquired: Breeder (hobby breeder)

Gender: Male

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United States

Posted June 25, 2016

I had a two week house sitting assignment with a Border Collie, and this has been my most favorable dog by far. The dog's name was, Max and took to me very fast for being a stranger. Max was a very energetic dog who just wanted me to toss a toy him for hours on end. He did have a bad hip from laying on hard surfaces, so I would try to keep him on the softer grounds. When it came time for feeding, Max did not jump or devour his food before it reached his bowl, rather he would calmly wait until all of his food was in his bowl. When taking him out for walks, he would act aggressive to other dogs, but only when he was on a leash, at the park, running free he had no issues. Max was not high maintenance, but was a bit emotionally unstable if left for an hour or so, he would chew up his toys beyond usable, or go through the trash littering the house, but only if left alone. He did have a strange fascination when it would rain outside, he would charge out and begin barking at the sky, it could have been the sound of thunder that triggered it. Even with these strange quirks, this Border Collie has been my favorite dog to look after. If you are considering one, I'd recommend to have a yard, multiple toys, and daily walks, about a mile or so.

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