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United Kingdom

Posted May 31, 2016

Background Info: I got my border collie puppy in March 2016 as a therapy dog.

I've raised my fair share of different dogs, though it's been some time since I raised a dog from a puppy. This is also my first male dog. Kody is the most amazing dog I have ever known, and I'm not just saying that because I love him. I get comments from people on an almost daily basis in regards to him. Most of it is because he is a very uniquely marked blue merle, but sometimes people tell me I should proud of his behaviour at such a young age.

I was able to housetrain Kody in 3 days, and had him going to the backdoor anytime he needed to pee. He started sleeping through the night by 3 months old, and now sleeps from 10pm until 7-8am every morning without needing to go out. He has been able to recognize and obey basic commands from about 2 weeks after I brought him home. They are the easiest breed to work with when it comes to clicker training, and I believe this is what helped him to become food orientated. We moved from food orientation for rewards to being rewarded with a ball.

Currently he can do about a dozen tricks on command without the clicker.

At 5 months old, I can take Kody out off lead and he has perfect recall as long as he sees the ball in my hand. He walks on the lead without pulling, sits at every street crossing and will return his attention to me even in the midst of over excitement, if I ask him to.

He is very intuitive, and provides me with great relief if I am feeling anxious or depressed. He will stay glued to my feet if he feels he needs to. He entertains himself with dog puzzles and kong toys. He won't bark unless either told to or he hears something that startles him/puts him on alert.

Kody plays with small children very gently and holds his own against other older dogs. Thus far I have had no health problems with him and only goes in to the vet for his regular worming tablets. His only real issue was how long it took for me to find a dog food that doesn't come out of him like water.

Kody is one in a million, so don't buy a collie just because some people have fantastic experiences with them. We have another border collie, and she's a nightmare. She is hardwork 24/7 and the complete opposite of Kody, despite being raised in the same household with the same training and attention.

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