Border Collie

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Gender: Female

Training: Books

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United States

Posted February 4, 2016

My border collie, Chloe, was my absolute favorite dog. She was loyal, with an easygoing temperament, and one of the most patient dogs I have ever met. She was always willing to put up with shenanigans from the children in her life, and was always gentle with smaller animals and babies.
It is important to note that despite all of these impressive qualities, if your border collie does not have a place to exercise, be it a dog park, a hiking path, or even just a big yard, she will be nearly impossible to live with. Border collies, like most intelligent breeds, require activities to occupy their mind. They love to learn and will do anything to please their master, but if left to their own devices in closed spaces for too long, can sometimes exhibit “bad dog” behaviours, such as chewing, crying, and having accidents.
I highly recommend a border collie if you’re looking for a good family pet. If you are anything but a family or homeowner who has already settled down, this is not the dog for you. You will need to be prepared to spend time training your border collie, and exercising and playing with her during the day whenever possible. If you do not have the time to spend on your border collie, she will also do well with other dogs to play with, if they can match her stamina and energy levels.

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