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Posted September 25, 2014

First and foremost, Border Collies must have room to run and be given a job. They are highly intelligent, a breeze to train, and have an incredible drive to learn. If you want one as a pet and don't have a large yard for them to run, you will need to be willing to work with them on obedience training and/or agility training. This breed needs an owner who is a pack leader.

Shadow was an amazing Border Collie. He had an incredible drive to learn and work. He was always "on" and didn't seem to have an off switch. He was highly intelligent and had the typical laser stare that the breed is known for. He did not do well around kids because he always wanted to herd them and would nip at their heels to get them to go where he wanted. The longer it took him to "herd" them, the more agitated he became. So I would use caution if you have small children.

Shadow also was a fear biter. If he didn't know the person (only men for some reason), he would bite out of fear. Once he knew the person, he would never bite. I worked extensively with him to try to stop the behavior. I many trainers who specialized in aggressive dogs, I took training classes to learn proper training techniques but nothing seemed to work to break him of the fear biting. Shadow now lives on a farm where he gets to herd sheep all day long and he loves his life and his new family.

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