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Abbie - My Border Collie


United Kingdom

Posted May 19, 2009

I bought Abbie off a very good Border Collie breeder who has over 30 years of experience. She gave me lots of help and advice about the breed, and said she was open to anything that may be of benefit. Only last Sunday, we visited her again and she was so pleased to see us. Abbie makes our life so much more fun! Her endless play is amazing, but when we've had enough, she knows not to bother us no longer. She was house trained with 2 days! Learnt all basic commands (sit, stay, lie etc) She was awarded 55/60 for puppy lessons which she learnt in just under 6 weeks. I wouldn't recommend this breed if you are not active as they require a lot of time and exercise. They also require alot of mental stimulation, not even a kong is enough. Human interaction games like Hide and go Seek work superb and they really enhance the brain. They're very obedient and loyal and only want to please you. However, they will work to death, so you, being pack leader, must, I emphasise on must, allow them to stop and you take over, or else it leads to problems. They do take up a lot more time than other breeds, but you are repaid in such loyalty and happiness. They're full of love and affection, and when balanced make the most best friend you could ever ask for! Abbie is only 5 month, but she gets on with most adults, some she is shy around, but again, that is the breed itself. She is fine around other dogs, no aggression, and again, something not a tendancy for this breed. She is very curious and inquzitive. Depending on the coat, collies can be a lot of maintenance, or not much at all. However, suprisingly, smooth collies molt more!

Overall, I'd recommend this breed to a family with even a cat, they're lovely animals, but you must train them not to herd, as it is simply something they're bred to do so. They do take a lot of time up, but they learn very fast and training is fun. When older, collies can attened fly ball and agilty classes, so there is a wealth of opportunity out there!

If a collie is right for you, then go ahead. I did with Abbie, and I'm 16 years old, and I can handle her, and I have a friend who is about 60 years old who can handle two border collies! 

Just move your goods, they chew!

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