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Border Collie/Newfoundland-Chow


Mississippi, United States

Posted January 18, 2014

Tubby is forty pounds of sweetness with beautiful, wispy fur! He came to our family after the death of his previous owner. Although Tubby had some separation anxiety in the beginning (he had lived with his elderly owner from birth), he soon learned to love his new home. True to his Border Collie nature, Tubby is an extremely active dog! While he is perfectly content relaxing inside the house, he is ready for non-stop running the second he gets out that door! He runs at top speed, flattening himself to the ground as much as possible. As much as he loves to run, though, he never attempts to run away from his humans. Tubby is very loyal and eager to please. He is also highly intelligent and even enjoys opening his own Christmas presents and then parading his new toy/treat around the house, making sure each and every person sees what he has found!

Despite his intelligence and eagerness to please, however, Tubby has not been particularly receptive to basic obedience training. House-training was no problem, but following verbal commands is another issue entirely! Because of his high energy and level of excitability, Tubby just gets too distracted from the task he is being asked to perform. Although he will come immediately when called and understands the meaning of the word no, obedience training is simply not his calling!

Tubby is a super friendly dog, and he loves interacting with people. Other dogs are instantly his best friends, and he never offers to show any type of aggression. Cats, on the other hand, are perplexing to Tubby! We have one feline family member, and, while Tubby does not offer to hurt him, he does prefer to stay as far away from the kitty as possible. This wasn't always the case, however! When he first joined our family, Tubby saw the cat as his toy and chased him relentlessly. He never harmed his feline brother, but it was a great frustration for us for the first year or so of his life with us.

Fortunately, Tubby has never had many health issues, other than one Spring when he developed a severe skin allergy to an unknown irritant. The vet prescribed some Malaseb shampoo, and we had to completely shave down Tubby's beautiful fur! We never found out exactly what caused the allergic reaction, but the shampoo helped, and he was back to normal within a few weeks.

Grooming is also fairly low-maintenance. Tubby's coat is not significantly thick, but he does require a brushing every two days in order to prevent mats and tangles. This is not a tedious process, though, and only takes about ten minutes to complete.

If you are thinking of adding a dog like Tubby to your family, you are making a fantastic choice! These dogs are very loyal and want to be by your side whenever possible. They are friendly and playful with kids, strangers, and other dogs. With smaller children, they are very gentle, but watch out for little ones getting knocked over when your pup is running at top speed! Keep in mind that these dogs need a lot of exercise! It is imperative that they have a way to daily release their high level of energy, preferably in a fenced-in yard or nearby park, where they can run off-leash. If you have cats or herd-type animals, these dogs may try to play sheep-dog, but other canine companions generally become fast friends! Overall, this breed of dog would be great for an active family with other dogs and would do best in an environment with the opportunity for lots of running and play time!

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