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United States

Posted February 27, 2013

I have only had 2 experiences with Border Collies and I can say that they have not left me with a very good impression.

Domino was a dog that came into our rescue with a litter of her puppies. She was clearly upset, as most would be, after a long car ride and a separation from her pups (it was time to wean them). Domino appeared very nervous even after a few days with us. She calmed down a bit, but later that same day bit a volunteer. They are a very intelligent breed which typically comes along with a very sensitive attitude.

My second experience with a border was when a family was looking to adopt a second dog. They brought their border with them to make sure they would get along. Their border almost immediately lunged at the possible new addition with teeth bared. Needless to say, they did not adopt.

From what I know about the breed, they are very intelligent, sensitive and dominant dogs. They can be in a multiple dog household if they are introduced as puppies or if the new dog is willing to be "herded". They are very active and need a large fenced yard to work out their energy. They must be stimulated with toys and play time to avoid destructive behavior in the house.

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