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Posted June 23, 2016

We acquired Peter (named after Spider-Man) and Bear as puppies. They were a mix of Border Collie and Blue Heeler, the only trait that they had of the blue heeler was the skin color. Everything else was Border Collie. If you didn't know they were mixed you would never have been able to guess it.

At first, they were a bit difficult to train, but as they got older they were much better. Honestly, we believe Bear was the culprit of most if not all mishaps. We ended up giving Bear away because he was not good with the children and nipped at them often, never biting them but barely breaking the skin, and that was more than enough reason to give him to someone without children.

Peter was an entirely different story. He would allow the children to pull his hair, drive over him with their walking toys. You name it they did it. (Of course, we corrected the children) Every time they would do this to him he would simply turn and look at them with an "are you done yet" look.

He was a very active dog, that required almost no training at all. In most cases, he never had to be on a leash. When we would go camping with him he would stay at our campsite, or next to us. We would take him on car rides, and boat rides almost all the time. He loved being on the boat, his favorite spot was the hull. His paws would be on the edge of the boat, and his head catching the wind. Despite that, he would avoid going anywhere near the water other than to take a drink.

I could go on for hours about Peter, although, unfortunately, there were two issues with him. He had only one testicle, while to most that don't seem to be a big issue, it actually is. The vet said that when they are puppies the testicle has to 'drop'. His didn't, and it was a hereditary condition that could cause cancer if he wasn't neutered. After getting past that issue with him he ended up getting cancer after all.

With Border Collies, they have an issue with their snout that can lead to tumor growth. Something with the way it is shaped that causes it. There is no surgery, there is no medicine. There is no cure. He had to be euthanized. This was a difficult decision for all of us. We loved Peter, he was our friend, son, brother, and pet. We finally did make the decision when he stopped eating, sleeping, and moving. He had gone an entire day without having to go outside, and he didn't eat. He did nothing but sit on the floor next to me the entire day. We could see that he was suffering.

This type of tumor according to the doctor is common with Border Collies. And for this reason after going through it with Peter. I am unsure if we will ever get another Border Collie again. In fact, it took us over three years to think about getting another dog again.

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