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California, United States

Posted April 9, 2016

My border Collie could never hurt a fly. In fact, a lot of flies buzzed around her on summer days. Because of her ever growing hair and short legs, her coat would grow longer than her body. Every month, she was due for a hair cut, which we weren't really used to since our other dog never needed one. If we didn't cut the hair, she would end up covered in filth, especially since she liked to play with poo.

With all of that said, she was a precious little darling who would always be there to comfort anyone in a time of need. I remember one time I was outside of the house crying and she came right to me to keep me company and cheer me up. It's that kind of thing that is important for a pet owner, the connection and knowledge that the pet can treat you better than a human can. So for kids, this kind of dog is a must have.

She was playful, but was a bit too lazy to actually play. Most of the time she would be on her own, running around or out on an adventure, then come back covered in who knows what. Obviously, she was an outdoor dog and was actually afraid of being inside. So with her, I assume they are a bit of a bashful breed.

Most of the time when we had company that we didn't know, she would run up to them and be friendly. That would be okay, since we lived in a nice area, but the only problem was when I had a friend over and she wouldn't stop barking at his dad. I guess she feels threatened with friends and comfortable with complete strangers, most of the time. Still, I wouldn't trade her for the world.

So, she was short and (sort of) easy to carry if needed, she was pretty friendly with no violence, but she liked to get dirty and was too passive to be an active kind of dog. For me, she was no problem at all.

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