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United States

Posted September 28, 2015

First off, I would like to say that border collies are amazing pets. Loyal, beautiful and smart they are easily trained and great companions. They can quickly pick up new commands and learn new information such as t-r-e-a-t means treat and w-a-l-k means get excited it's adventure time! Their active minds and excitable nature will bring many happy memories to your house hold.

That being said, the brilliance of their minds are a bit of a double edged sword. Because their minds are so active, these dogs are prone to nervous behaviors such as OCD and other panic disorders. One of my dogs would constantly paw at the ground, sometimes to the point where her paws would bleed. My friends dog would chase after his tail until he fell over. Many of these habits come from their brilliant minds and all it takes is a little extra training. These are great dogs to teach all those fancy tricks like shaking hands or playing dead, and in my experience the more active the dog is and the more active her brain the better behaved she'll be!

Border collies' coats can also be a bit of a drag (especially of the comb) but how can you say no to such gorgeous fur! Personally I love spending the extra time grooming my dog. It allows me that one on one time to just spend with her.

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