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Queensland, Australia

Posted July 26, 2015

These beautiful dogs are one the easiest to train dogs I have ever dealt with. They are extremely intelligent, eager to please and amazingly agile.
They require a lot of socialisation with both people and other animals from a young age, otherwise they can develop to be quite shy and timid.

They have a lot of energy and will need daily exercise and attention otherwise they will become restless and destructive. They are prone to digging and escaping if they are left alone for longer periods of time. Their mind is the type that needs a lot of stimulation or they will create their own, which is not often good for their surroundings.

They are natural born herders, and although this can be amusing, I issue caution to those will children or smaller dogs. It is in their instinct to heard and you will often see a border collie watching their surrounding very closely and often rounding up those around them. They are particular prone to herding if they see anyone make sudden movements or start to run. This can become an issue when they try to round up children or smaller dogs because they will bite bite and bark at the child/dog to get them to go where they want. The bite/bark won't necessarily be aggressive, but it would be enough to upset or hurt a child and intimidate or cause confrontation with a small dog.

As far as health conditions go, this breed is definitely less of a a problem breed. There will always be the standard health issues as there are with most dogs, but there are no major concerns. Grooming is fairly standard, bathe as needed and brush their coat weekly to prevent matting.

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