Border Collie / German Shepherd Dog Mix

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Georgia, United States

Posted May 2, 2014

Along with the two breeds above, my dog was also Husky. Which means along with incredible intelligence, she was INCREDIBLY stubborn. She thankfully came to us trained, however we could never teach her anything outside of the basics she had learned as a puppy.
Extremely patient dog. You could pull on her tail or ears and nothing would happen, and if anything, she seemed to enjoy it. She never chewed anything except for rawhide bones that we left her, but she did like to pull papers out of garbage cans.
The largest issue she had was shedding. A lot of it. Especially in the summer, we would have to vacuum almost every other day due to her fur. She had the Husky double coat, and the second layer was what she lost in the summer. A bit lazy as well, she'd get excited for walks but would never play or jump around unless it was very cold. Her favourite thing was to sun herself in the daytime sun; and in the summer, put her nose on the air conditioning vent to keep herself cool.
You could never keep her fenced in, or tied up for long. She had jumped six foot fences in the past, and we had to buy a special harness for her that couldn't be backed out of -- that required an engineering degree to put on her.
Outside of this, amazing dog. Perfect for families of all kinds, however I imagine with a more active family (I was a bookworm who didn't spend much time outside, my mother worked and my dad was disabled), she would've been a more active dog. The downside is I don't know if a dog like her would ever exist again. I think she was one of a kind.

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