Border Collie / German Shepherd Dog Mix

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Acquired: Rescue / shelter organization

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Mia, the Collie/ German Shepard


Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire, United Kingdom

Posted August 6, 2015

Well my experience with Mia have been rocky, I got her when she was 6 months old and she had been shoved from home to home.. Nobody wanted her, they wasn't willing to put the necessary time into her. As a pup she was jumpy and scared of everything! (I think she must have been abused) But then I introduced her to my 6 year old niece, they ran around to house for hours (A game my niece lovingly called "Hot Peppers") But when my dog matured she became more easy going I trained her as soon as I could and it was easy. Overall she's a good dog but she can be naughty if she doesn't trust you. Great with kids! Awful with some men (But only men) After asking some fellow dog lovers they tell me she looks like she's crossed with a German Shepard, I agree but am still unsure! As far as other pets go she's the greatest! My cats she doesn't even flinch, my rabbit not bothered! I have two cats in particular that can't wait to get near her and cuddle up to her. To sum up my Mia (A Collie crossed with a German Shepard.. We think.) She's the perfect family dog if you're ready to put the time in. She's great with children, she's great with other pets, but she CAN get very protective at the same time. I remember being in Wales and she chased a man on a bike and h e wasn't happy. But now she's older she's calmed down. And I would recommend her to people who have trained dogs before. Over all she's the kind of dog you can call your best friend!

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