Border Collie / German Shepherd Dog Mix

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Acquired: Rescue / shelter organization

Gender: Female

Training: Previous owner

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United States

Posted March 25, 2015

I got my dog from my local animal shelter about a year ago. Her weight fluctuates around the 50-pound mark - she is a very fit dog. Her weight is incredibly easy to maintain and I do not ever see her becoming overweight. My dog has an incredibly high energy level. She would go outside to play every 5 minutes if she could. Her bad habits, such as jumping (on people, furniture, anything), barking, and obedience issues are incredibly manageable with training. In other words, she is a very quick learner and I had very few problems in training her. When I adopted her, she picked up some commands almost instantly, which I assume is most likely due to previous training she received with whoever owned her last. However, new commands that I taught her (down, stay, quiet) were picked up quite fast - no command took her over 2 weeks to learn. Ruby barks at anyone she perceives to be a stranger or intruder. If she recognizes the person, she will stop immediately. If the person truly is a stranger to her, it takes probably 10-20 minutes for her to stop barking and comfortably interact. Both German Shepherds and Border Collies are known for their issues with epilepsy. Unfortunately, Ruby experiences seizures, the most recent case landing her in the ER. However, I am not necessarily stressed or worried about her medical future, as most cases of epilepsy in dogs is easily manageable with medication. Overall, I am extremely satisfied in the relationship I have with my dog and do not consider her to be high-maintenance or difficult. I am a college student with little time to extensively train my dog, and I am both shocked and pleased that she has required such little training and is still such a well-behaved animal.

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