Border Collie / Chow Chow Mix

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Rosie always needs her tennis ball


Fernley, Nevada, United States

Posted March 7, 2015

We adopted Rosie as a free-to-a-good-home pet because we wanted a playmate for Logan. She immediately took a maternal role to Logan, but as they continued to age, they became quick friends.
Rosie was crate trained which also meant that she slept in her crate with a sheet over the crate. She reminded us of a bird that you would quiet by putting a sheet over its cage. In Rosie's case, she loved her kennel. She would go in there whenever she wanted to be alone or when she wanted to sleep, and it seemed she went immediately to sleep whenever the sheet was put over the kennel, even if it was the middle of the day!
Rosie loved attention. When she wanted to be pet, she would put her head under your hand or on your lap until you pet her, but she usually only wanted to be pet for a little while. Unlike the smaller dogs who will never let you stop petting them, Rosie was content for about a half hour or so of getting some love, and then, she would curl up on the floor or on the couch.
Rosie loved her tennis ball. We had to play with her outside without Logan, or Logan would destroy the tennis ball before Rosie ever got to play with it. She eagerly retrieved the ball every single time and waited for us to throw it again. She never tired of this. We would often take her to the dog park for her to work off her energy.
Rosie did have a mean streak in her, which we attribute to her Chow Chow breed. We had a completely fenced yard, but whenever anyone or any animal passed by, Rosie would bark incessantly and show her teeth. Even when we had people over, we had to gradually introduce Rosie to them. Once she felt comfortable, though, she would treat them as well as she treated my husband or me.
The only annoying part of Rosie was her need to always be on the other side of the door. This typically happened in the evening. She would whine to go outside, but as soon as she was outside, she would whine and scratch to come back in. She would to this about fifteen to twenty times a night. We would joke that the grass is always greener on the other side of the door!

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