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CP 76000, Mexico

Posted March 25, 2015

I have only once in my life had the opportunity to raise a dog, but that was a very special experience. I love dogs, but of the popular pets they undoubtedly take the most time and effort, and the conditions in my life haven't often allowed for that. However, back in 1990 I saw a neighbor in Chicago walking an incredibly cute puppy, a black and white ball of fluff, and found out that there were others from the same litter still available at a pet store nearby. Cooper was a delightful, eager-to-please dog from the get-go, friendly to everyone, absolutely terrific with other pets no matter how small they were. She proved easy to train, so I never took her to an obedience class; she usually got what I meant by my instructions almost automatically. Both her parent breeds, Border Collie and Australian Shepherd, are disciplined working breeds, and ultra-smart, and she showed all those characteristics.

She was a submissive dog, not an alpha or even a beta. Discipline was a snap (and was usually unnecessary); on the rare occasions that she did anything undesirable, a simple harsh word from me would be enough to make her extremely penitent.

Cooper was a wonderfully companionable dog, wanting to go everywhere and do everything with me. We moved several times during her life, and although the process made her a little anxious, she adjusted quickly.

She had a special relationship with an orange tabby cat, Pickles, that I adopted the same week that I purchased her. I wanted them to be best pals, and they surely were! Pickles would groom Cooper very thoroughly, it was fun to watch.

Cooper was a pretty hardy dog. She was a shedder and took some grooming, but she was quite cooperative about that.

Overall, I'd say that this a particularly appealing breed mix which I would recommend to anyone. I miss Cooper still.

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