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United Kingdom

Posted November 15, 2012

this type of dog is a brilliant type of dog to own as it is great with kids especially with the youngsters as mine used to sleep in the garden with my 2 year old sister asleep lying her head on on it.
It gets very rough around violence and is very territorial to its home and protects the people it lives with.
It also does very good with training and is very obedient, you can have a lot of fun with this type of dog as it is big and you don't have to be particularly delicate like you would with little dogs.
This type of dog is big and could easily take you to the floor if it wanted to as mine did with many people (playing around), you also have to watch what kind of dog lead you have with it because it uses its intellectual ability with its strength to get out of a lead because mine broke two leads.one time by wrapping itself around a lamppost and pulling until it snapped and the other by grinding it against the edge of a very small brick wall meant for a flower patch and eventually broke that one so i finally got him a harness.
you also have to watch which room you keep it in and the flooring of that room as if it isn't hardwood or laminate it will probably be able to shred it.
My kitchen flooring which was laminate was ripped up and put into a big pile in the corner in which he slept on before i got home.
you don't have to feed them specialized diets, you only have to feed them dry food mixed with wet and if the dog does get a bit ill take him to the vet and they will probably advise you to feed them cooked chicken with rice and boiled carrots all together for a week or two.
overall i think this dog is a very good dog to keep and if you are interested in keeping a boerboel make sure you have the space, time and tolerance.

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